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Quick coupling for Saberproject Series

Quick coupling for Saberproject Series

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With the quick coupling, two lightsabers can be connected to one another to form a double lightsaber and separated again in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is push the pin inwards and then pull both handles.

It fits the following Lightsword models from the Saberproject Shop:

  • Tiro Lightside (Generation 2)
  • Tiro Darkside (Generation 2)
  • Zephyr Lightside (Generation 2)
  • Zephyr Darkside (Generation 2)
  • Legatus (Generation 2)
  • Anemos (Generation 2)
  • Tiro Lightside
  • Tiro Darkside
  • Tiro standard
  • Patronus Lightside
  • Patronus Darkside
  • zephyr
  • Notos

The coupling consists of two parts on each side, which makes it possible to adjust the alignment of the lightsswords so that switches and Covertec wheels are aligned anyway. Furthermore, the alignment of the pin can be adjusted.

To adjust the alignment, the screw must be loosened using the included Allen key. Both parts can then be twisted against each other. To fix the alignment, the screw must be tightened again.

The scope of delivery includes the coupling and a 5 mm Allen key.

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