The warranty covers defects in the manufacture of the product for a period of two years from the date of receipt of the product.

The guarantee is void if the product fails

  • acts of God, accident, misuse, misuse, neglect, commercial use, modification or natural wear and tear;
  • incorrect care; or
  • attempted repair by a party other than Saberproject Shop* is damaged.

The guarantee also does not apply if it is determined that the product is not defective. Repairs that are not included in the guarantee are at the customer's expense.

The client is responsible for shipping and pays the shipping costs.

Electronic components such as soundboards, batteries and LEDs are not included in the warranty as they are not products of the Saberproject Shop.

Repairs to Plecterlabs soundboards may only be carried out at Plecterlabs. The client bears the costs for this.

*If an unauthorized repair attempt is made, the warranty will be void. In this case, the client bears the costs of the repair.

The guarantee is not transferable.