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Neopixel blade

Neopixel blade

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Blade diameter

Pixel blades contain a circuit board equipped on both sides with individually controllable RGB LEDs. This allows you to create a variety of effects that are not possible by illuminating a blade with a high-power LED. The characteristic retraction and extension effect, localized flash on clashes or lockups as well as different blade profiles can be displayed in this way. Furthermore, the brightness is significantly greater than high-power LED-illuminated lightsabers.

In order to use a Neopixel blade, the lightsaber must have a suitable connector on the hilt side, so it cannot simply be plugged into a lightsaber with a high-power LED.

Our Neopixel blades are compatible with all lightsabers that have the appropriate Hilt Side PCB. This is the same or similar in function and basic structure across most manufacturers. Our blades definitely work with the lightsabers from the following manufacturers:

  • Vader's Vault
  • Saber trio
  • Genesis Custom sabers
  • JQ Sabers
  • Electrum Sabercraft
  • Saberforge
  • LGT
  • TXQ

and other. If you are unsure whether our blade will fit in your lightsaber, simply write us an email to

Attention: Due to the structure of the blade and the circuit board it contains, the blade is only conditionally suitable for combat. We therefore exclude battle damage expressly excludes the warranty and guarantee.

Technical data: 

  • Transwhite polycarbonate blade
  • 1" outer and 7/8" inner diameter or 7/8" outer and 3/4" inner diameter with parabolic blade tip or 
  • KR Sabers Pixel Stick V2 (150 LEDs/m)
  • TCSS Blade Side Connector
  • Length: 32.5" (~83 cm)

A dust cap is included.

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