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NeoCree adapter

NeoCree adapter

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The NeoCree adapter is used to turn a pixel lightsaber into a battle-ready lightsaber illuminated with a high-power LED (Baselite). You also need a blade that can be illuminated by an LED (standard/Baselite blade). To do this, the NeoCree adapter is pushed into the blade holder with the circuit board facing down. The blade is also pushed into the handle and fixed. To do this, the blade must exert pressure on the NeoCree adapter.

The NeoCree adapter can be pushed 5 mm deep into a standard 1" blade (1/16" wall thickness) to minimize the space required, provided the light-conducting film at the bottom is also shortened by 5 mm. If this is not the case, the enclosed 3D printed ring can simply be plugged onto the NeoCree adapter.

The NeoCree adapter contains a high-power LED with RGB configuration, which reproduces the behavior of the first pixel in the pixel blade. Since the HPLED-illuminated blade (unlike the pixel blade) contains no electronics, the lightsaber is suitable for combat.

Technical specifications:

  • dRGrB configuration (deep red, green, royal blue)
  • Compatible with lightsabers and PCBs from all manufacturers
  • for 1" blade holder
  • Large copper heat sink for optimal cooling
  • Built-in 55k ohm resistor between data and ground
  • Operation at maximum permissible current (approx. 1000 mA)
  • Height: 20.5mm
  • Weight: 39g
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