Anemos (Generation 2)

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NeoCree-Adapter und HPLED-Klinge:

  • SP12001
The Anemos is a semi-modular saber that is handy enough to be a training saber in its basic... more
Product information "Anemos (Generation 2)"

The Anemos is a semi-modular saber that is handy enough to be a training saber in its basic version, but can be personalised with attachments. For example, emitter overlays and claws can be attached and removed without having to dismantle the saber. A leather wrap or an overlay on the lower part of the saber are also possible.

Here you can find various attachments.

The 3D-printed chassis ensures the perfect hold of the internal components, making the saber fully combat-ready. The saber is charged via a 2.1 mm recharge port. It is also possible to replace the battery. The blade is removable and is fixed in the handle by a threaded pin.


The soundboard is the Crystal Focus Saber Core 10 (CF 10 or CFX) from Plecter Labs, the best and most user-friendly board on the market. With this board it is possible to adjust the saber to your own needs. For example, the movement sensitivity, the colour profiles of the blade or even the volume can be changed. It is also possible to add further sounds to the board.

Important: You can do all this, but you don't have to. The saber comes ready to use and preset, so no changes are necessary to get started straight away.

There is a selection of sound fonts on the board. A sound font (or sound bank) is a set of matching sounds that represent a particular saber. Some fonts are based on the swords of the characters.

Some of these soundfonts support smoothswing. This means that the swing sounds are not played from prefabricated sound files; instead, the sound is generated in real time

A large selection of soundfonts is available at The soundfonts must be optimised for Plecter Labs CFX, ideally for Plecter Labs CFX SS (Smoothswing).

The manual for the board can be found here: Manual CFX

A manual for this saber can be found here.

Neopixel or NeoCree

In the emitter of the saber a board with spring contact pins is built in, with which  

a) a pixel blade 

b) a NeoCree adapter with a High Power LED-illuminated blade

can be operated.

Pixel operation

Pixel blades contain a circuit board on both sides with individually controllable RGB LEDs. This makes it possible to create a wide variety of effects that are not possible with the illumination of a blade by a High Power LED (HPLED). The characteristic in and out effect, localised flash on clashes or lockups as well as different blade profiles can be displayed in this way. Furthermore, the brightness is significantly greater compared to high-power LED-lit sabres.

The pixel blade is equipped with a KR Sabers Pixel Stick V2.

Attention: Due to the construction of the blade and the included circuit board, the blade is only conditionally suitable for combat. We therefore expressly exclude combat damage from the warranty and guarantee.

NeoCree operation

To make the saber suitable for combat, an appropriate blade can be illuminated with a NeoCree adapter. 

The NeoCree adapter contains a high-power LED with RGB configuration, which reproduces the behaviour of the first pixel in the pixel blade. Since the HPLED-illuminated blade (unlike the pixel blade) does not contain any electronics, the saber is thus combat-ready. 

Specification overview:

  • Partially anodised aluminium hilt
  • Plecter Labs Crystal Focus Saber Core 10
  • 3D-printed chassis
  • Shtok Custom Worx Neopixel Blade Side Adapter V3
  • 2 x pixel illuminated switches
  • 3.7 V 18650 Keeppower 3120 mAh Li-ion battery
  • 22 mm 3 W speaker
  • Kill Switch
  • 2.1 mm Recharge Port

A charger, USB cable and an Allen key suitable for the blade fixing screw are included.

Instruction video:

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Customer evaluation for "Anemos (Generation 2)"
21 Jan 2023

Modulares Saber mit Neopixel Klinge

Ich habe mir das Anemos gekauft, weil ich schnell zwischen einer Stuntklinge und einer Neopixel-Klinge wechseln kann - was gerade auf Cons superpraktisch ist. Auch, dass ich mir das mit den verschiedenen Anbauteilen immer wieder optisch anders gestalten kann, ist prima. Hier wären noch weitere Anbauteile vielleicht cool.

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