Tiro V2 Standard with Pico 2.5

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  • SP10013
Tiro V2 with Pico 2.5 The Tiro (lat. Beginner) was developed for optimum handling and... more
Product information "Tiro V2 Standard with Pico 2.5"

Tiro V2 with Pico 2.5

The Tiro (lat. Beginner) was developed for optimum handling and perfect balance. It is made to be the ideal saber for newcomers to the saber and saber dueling realm.

This saber has been developed with ten years of experience in lightsaber combat and seven years of building lightsabers on a professional level. The result is a simple yet elegant design. Engineered for maximum grip and balance, it can be equipped with the best technology available on the market. It is available with or without anodizing, depending on your personal preference.

The 3D-printed chassis keeps the internal components securely in place so that this saber is ready for dueling immediately upon receiving. The saber can be charged via a 2.1 mm recharge port. It is also possible to swap the battery. The blade is removable and can be fixed into the hilt with a set screw. Equipped with a Covertec-wheel placed onto the saber it can be used to easily secure the saber to your belt.

The sound board is a Pico 2.5 by Plecter Labs. The board drives a Tri-LED (Model: Tri-Cree with XP-E2 emitters). This leads to two options:

1. Single-color version

Choosing the single-color version will get you an LED-configuration that determines a specific blade color. As an example, for a green blade a GGW (Green Green White)-LED is installed in which the white emitter is used to provide Flash on Clash. For the main blade color there are always two same-color emitters used in combination with a white emitter.

The following colors can be chosen as main blade colors:

  • Deep Red
  • Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Orange-Red

2. Color-changing version

It is also possible to install an LED that supports color mixing. In this case a dRGrB (deep Red, Green, royal Blue)-LED is installed which makes selecting up to 15 different colors possible. The following colors are selectable:

  • Orange
  • Orange-Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lime Green
  • Light Green
  • Cyan
  • Light Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Light Purple
  • Deep Purple
  • Pink
  • Magenta

You now have the choice between both options: you can either get a color-changing saber or a saber with dedicated blade color which is a bit brighter than the color-changing version due to the LED configuration using two same-color emitters. Flash on Clash (flashing blade triggered by concussion) is a standard feature.

A user guide for this saber can be found here.

The saber can be equipped with the Jedi or Sith version of sounds which plays different sounds:

  • Power On
  • Hum
  • 4 x Swing
  • 4 x Clash
  • Power Off

The sound fonts were made by Lord Blako Soundfonts and can be listened to here: Pico’s sound fonts: Pico's sound fonts

Overview of the specifications:

  • aluminium hilt
  • anodizing
  • Plecter Labs Pico 2.5 sound board
  • 3D-printed chassis
  • dRGrB Tri-Cree LED
  • 12 mm illuminated switch
  • 18650 protected Panasonic 3.7 V 3400 mAh li-ion battery
  • 24 mm 2 W speaker
  • 2,1 mm recharge port
  • kill key

A blade, a charger, an Allen key fitting the blade retention screw and a kill key are included. 

Note: The charger has an EU plug but can be used worldwide with a plug adapter.

If you have any special requests (e.g. a different LED-configuration) send us an email at shop@saberproject.de.

Instruction video:


All sabers are made to your specifications so please allow 4-8 weeks for production, wiring and assembly.

Important note for all non EU-customers: if ordered without a blade the Tiro can be shipped for 17.50€ tracked and insured. If you want to order more than one saber please contact us via shop@saberproject.des to get a quote on shipping.

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